2012. április 28., szombat


This post is simply about the celebration of the awaited transition into summer, with a pretty tricky, one-week-with tropical-rains and another-with-august-heat climate. There's nothing special, or noteworthy in this look, just simple boldness and joy. You could even leave the gold stuff, and wear it with ballerinas. Blame on me I'm not ready for THAT simpleness (well, you never know whatt happened off-shooting :)

2012. április 23., hétfő


I love italians, who love their lovely sneakers.

Shirt: Abercrombie
Sneakers: Nike
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Scarf: Calvin Klein

2012. április 22., vasárnap

An Easy Day

I got this classic plaid shirt as a sweet gift from a generous friend of mine, and I fell immediately for the simpleness and comfort of it and it inspired me to revise or ease the concept of fashion I created and sticked to every day . For example, my style is rather „heels&skirts”, I recently realised the functional coolness of flats though. If you want to avoid sneakers, go for slip-ons which are effortlessly elegant, classic, yet trendy and they are „it” pieces in stores this season.

Ezt a klasszikus kockás inget az egyik kedves és nagylelkű barátomtól kaptam, milánói vásárfiaként. Az egyszerű és kényelmes alapdarab ráébresztett, hogy átalakítsam, vagy legalább lazítsam a meglehetősen markáns elveimet a divatról, a saját öltözködésemről. Ugyan továbbra is ragaszkodom a szoknya-magassarkú-nőiesség „szentháromságához”, elfogadom, és beismerem, hogy a praktikum és kényelem nem ördögtől való, a lapos talpú cipők pedig egyenesen felszabadítóak (csak mértékkel, persze). Ha semmiképpen nem akarunk torna/edző stb. cipőt húzni, válasszunk egy klasszikus mokaszint, amelyből, tekintve, hogy a szezon egyik fontos darabja, hatalmas kínálatot találunk a boltokban.




Shoes:Tommy Hilfiger


Photo:Roert Sz.

2012. április 15., vasárnap


After the over-the-top extravaganza I felt like going graphic and classic, touched by and referring to the luxy sophistication of 70's (well, more likely YSL than Flower Power). This bold black and white suit gives the look a stramlined masculine frame, while the sexy transparent shirt and the golden details (surprising; me and gold AGAIN) are super feminine. I find that contrast amazingly appealing, as it still defines the language of contemporary fashion, and the work of visual/cultural inventors, such as Laurent or Helmut Newton, remains influential and shockingly relevant.





Photo:Robert Sz.

2012. április 5., csütörtök


I couldn’t avoid the current print mania of contemporary fashion, hence I went mad for crazy floral prints, inspired by the cutting-edge enfant terrible, Riccardo Tisci’s work at Givenchy. I have to admit, I fell for the designer’s vision when he was invited to work as the art director of the „Watch the Throne” project of Mr.West and Jay-Z. The glittering golden design of the album cover and the kaleidoscope-like aesthetic of the booklet worth the purchase in itself, and guide you to the dark, punk-mixed-barroque world of Tisci.

I love these pants because they contains two of the season’s top trends; floral and kaleidoscope themes. However be careful with all that printed stuff, never try too hard, be easy and dress it down with elegant pastels for balance


Blouse: Zara
Shoes: Bershka
Ring: Swarovski
Photo:Robert Sz.