2014. július 7., hétfő

Bridget & Olivia .

The number of new brands have increasingly grew in the past years and by rights, we don't care for it.
 But WHY?
Because everyone is doing the same, mostly unwearable overpriced stuff (but yeah, for sure, the situation is not as simple). That's why I'm always excited, when I find somethig unique, "good to wear" well positioned clothes to wear. 
So it's not a surprise, that my meeting with Bridget&Olivia was a complete love at first sight.

Sweater: Bridget&Olivia
ToteBag: Bridget&Olivia
Red Rosy Bag: Moschino
Skirt, Necklace: Zara
Shoes: Mango

Photo: http://www.kovacsrichard.hu/

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