2010. október 10., vasárnap

After she showed how to protect yourself in Siberia and previously she stucked herself into a china and simply called it minimal... so after the first adventures with Lady F I'd simply like to post something quite astonishing. It was Thursday afternoon, i hurried to get home and escape from the urban jungle for a while, and I suddenly saw a fancyful tent right in the middle of Vörösmarty tér with sublime decoration inside, sweeping staff and rigorous security in charge. I had no idea what's happening, it's quite rare to see that kind of hype in budapest (...the voting campaign was over then...). During the quest of coming home I totally forgot about the stuff, but then at home, following my online browsing routine I found this picture covering an article on hg.hu, which reported an Orex store opening-presentation, in collaboration with emerging hungarian designer Toth Bori...held on Friday, Vörösmarty tér, Budapest! Instant success for me. No transsexual-like shapes, no girlish boys, just amazing watches and well tailored, dandy stuff.... in Hungary. Fantastic, and the inspiration of these looks is evident... Tom Ford's influence reached the pannonian plains...wow! (It's too late now but next time I'll try to post the watches)

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